Dr. Agatha Beschell

Registered Psychologist

Edmonton, Alberta

*Direct billing to all major insurance plans*

Are you looking for a caring and experienced therapist on the South side of Edmonton?

Empathy and respect for diversity are the foundation of my practice. I provide psychological counselling (including cognitive-behavioural therapy or CBT) to adults who are experiencing:

  • stress, anxiety, panic attacks
  • depression (including post-partum - babies up to 6 months of age are welcome to attend with you)
  • insomnia/sleep problems
  • concerns related to sexual orientation or gender identity (LGBTQ+ friendly)
  • OCD/obsessive-compulsive disorder and trichotillomania/hair pulling and excoriation/skin picking
  • grief following death of a loved one, a personal loss, or an illness diagnosis
  • breakups, separation, divorce, blended family adjustment
  • difficulties with life stage transitions such as new parenthood or retirement
  • PTSD/post-traumatic stress disorder (offering Prolonged Exposure and EMDR for PTSD treatment)
  • and various other concerns - please feel free to contact me with questions

I am currently NOT accepting new clients with eating disorders or work-related injuries, or those looking for couples' therapy or psychological assessments. I am unable to see teachers who work at Strathcona or Avalon schools.

I'm in the office on Mondays, Thursdays, and every other Saturday, with daytime and early evening appointments available. The wait time for your first appointment is typically 2 weeks for daytime appointments, and 3+ weeks for evenings and weekends. 

Please call or text 780-318-7975 to set up your FREE 15-minute phone consultation or use the Contact tab.